Originally, MFG Funding was a traditional home loan company known as Majestic Financial Group. Founded in 1987, Majestic Financial Group was dedicated to providing reliable and attentive care for those applying for home loans. As time passed and the importance of the Internet grew, the company evolved, and in 1994, MFG Funding, an outgrowth of Majestic Financial Group was born.

MFG Funding, an online loan company, combines the stable and friendly characteristics of a traditional home loan entity with the convenience of the Internet. We still have all the services you know and trust - you can always speak to a live person or stop by for a consultation. However, we have the added feature of a constantly updated Web site. Our site offers real-time quotes, 24/7 access to information and rates, mortgage tools so you can determine how much your payments would be, and an easy application process.

Also, MFG Funding is a direct lender - this means that we can offer you a better rate and lower closing costs than most of our competitors. Also, with us, we guarantee that there will be no surprises with your loan. Some borrowers are bombarded with additional fees after they have signed. However, with MFG Funding, we provide you with all of the information up front. We post all of our interest rates on our regularly updated Web site so that you are aware of exactly what rate is available to you.

So don't delay. Contact us today, and we'll get you started on our easy process that will provide you with the savings you're looking for - whether it's on the phone, in person, or through our intuitive and informative Web site.
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